Formed first time as a band in 1995. Prior to this Clarion Call was a Gisle Aarlott pseudo. The very first Clarion Call single 'Dandelion' (Luna/PolyGram) was released in 1989. The first album was released in 1995 (Aristique/MNW). Two years later, in 1997, the single 'Deep Inside' was released on the Artistique label. Clarion Call was performing live in small clubs and some minor music festivals all over Norway. In the year 2000 the 'The Next Big Thing' was released on the band's own label Callers2000. The album featured a re-recording of 'Deep Inside', mixed by Ulf W.Ø.Holand at LydLab - one of Gisle Aarlott's former musical collaborators. Both of the band's albums are available as downloads on iTunes, amazonmp3 and others. In January 2010 the song 'Hero' was, for the first time, exposed in China after featuring on a sampler CD released by October Party Records. After several years in hiatus the band is now preparing a new album due to be released in 2011. The band will attend the Steinkjerfestivalen Festival in Gisle Aarlotts hometown this summer.




Funding member Gisle Aarlott embarked his musical journey as a young teenager in the 9 piece band 'Moas Ark' (debut album in 1980). After joining several punk/new wave/new romantic-ish constellations through the early eighties he ended up as guitar player and musical collaborator of one of Norway's most ingenious pop mechanics, Finn Coren, early in his career as an artist. Aarlott then moved on under the pseudonym Clarion Call as a solo artist. With his distinctly sounding guitar and variegated voice he has imprinted the unique sound of Clarion Call throughout times.

Clarion Call's magnificent keyboard player Anders Myrvold (not NHL) joined the band in 1995. Long before venturing into the world of high-tech keyboardism his significant organ playing was inspired by the likes of Jon Lord, Keith Emerson and Don Airey.

Bass player Jan Kjetil Haugen teamed up with Anders Myrvold several years before joining Clarion Call. His adolescence in a renowned musical family has formed his skills and true love of music. He also participates in a vocal group performing cheerful folk songs.

Drummer Ståle Norum joined the band in 2009. He was the drummer of indie bands Funny Farm and Thrush, both to some extend legendary local bands in the Trondheim music scene. Ståle joins Jan Kjetil in the hurrah set of 'Tersen' (musical term 'third' - an interval between two notes).

Former members and collaborators

Drummers: Knut Brovold, Kenneth Rannem, Harald Rossetnes, Jan Ove Oksvold, Øystein Jevanord

Bass players: Robert Hofstad, Leif A. Olaussen, Nina Lundberg, Jørgen B. Larsen, Bjørn Malmåsen, Tov Ramstad (double bass), Jostein Strand

Others: Tor Arne Veie (guitar), Sigrun Hofstad (organ), Tore Gustavsen (keyboards), Arnt Egil Rånes (mandolin), Roy Knudsen (mandolin), Lone Rendbæk (vocals)